Session 8: July 24-28, 2023

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Summer Camp hours: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Morning Care: 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Afternoon Care: 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Session 8 Lunch Menu

Summer Sharks

Rising Pre-K 4 - 6th $220

Come “Find your Fun” at JCDS Summer Camp! Our Summer Sharks camp is our recreational program. Campers will enjoy all the summer greats: daily swimming, games, gym time, field trips, special activities, and more! Everyone will have access to our on campus game room, arts & crafts area, and all that our incredible 18-acre campus has to offer. Daily lunch and a healthy snack is included for all campers. Campers will be divided into groups (cabins) by age. If you want to make the most of your summer, this program is for you!

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Sports Academy III

Rising Pre-K 4 to K $300
presented by Matt Straight

Want to get a jump start on fall sports? Come join our multi-sport summer academy! Campers will get to explore basic concepts of team sports including basketball, soccer, and t-ball. We’ll practice throwing, catching, hitting, shooting, dribbling, and more in this fun exploratory program. This program will be led by First Athletes Sports Training (FAST) instructor Matt Straight.

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Rising 1st to 3rd $300
presented by TNT Gymnastics Staff

Time to do some gymnastics! JCDS is excited to partner with TNT Gymnastics to offer this fun and engaging program for our campers. This camp will work on basic gymnastic techniques, games, and activities and help campers with body control including fine and gross motor skills. Come hit the mat, bars, and beam with us! This program will be led by the TNT Gymnastics staff.

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Knight School Chess

Rising 1st to 6th $325
presented by Knight School instructors

Checkmate! We are proud to partner with the Knight School to offer a fun filled week of strategy, games, and lessons all revolving around the classic game of chess. Players of all skill levels are invited to join us for this introduction into the world of rooks, pawns, kings, and queens. Students will exercise their critical thinking skills through a variety of chess-based games and activities. This camp will be led by the Knight School’s chess instructors.

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Step Up to 2nd Grade

Rising 2nd $300
presented by Kristin Szallay

Ready for second grade? This program is a great way to walk into your new class next Fall with confidence. The camp will be action-packed with fun and interactive reading and math curriculum. This is a great opportunity to brush off those summer cobwebs and give your child an overview of math and literacy through a multi-sensory approach. JCDS 2nd grade Teacher Kristin Szallay will lead this program.

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Swimming in a Sea of Friendship

Rising 1st to 4th $300
presented by Liz McNairy

Ready to make some new friends ? Come build new relationships and strengthen old ones! Campers will be introduced to key friendship skills including: taking turns in conversation, filtering comments, listening to others, playing fair, showing empathy, resolving conflicts and expressing their feelings. Through interactive games and activities our goal is to promote prosocial behaviors that help each student feel happier and more successful with their peers! This camp will be led by JCDS School Counselor, Liz McNairy

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Young Investors

Rising 3rd to 6th $400
presented by Brendan Haney

Want to be the next leader of the NY Stock Exchange? Whether you want to build the next great American company, become a Wall Street tycoon, or be the millionaire next door by investing wisely - this camp is for you! Campers will learn the basics of investing in the stock market, the difference between assets and liabilities, the importance of diversification, and how to evaluate companies. You will also develop your own business plan and present your ideas to your peers to compete for their investments in a mock Shark Tank style activity. This fun new program will be led by JCDS Technology Director, Brendan Haney.

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Language Arts Refresher

Rising 3rd to 6th $300
presented by Dona Kenny

Need to kick start your brain back just in time to finish summer reading? If so, come dust off the cobwebs with this fun refresher course. Each camper will receive an initial diagnostic assessment and work independently at the appropriate level. This program is appropriate for learners at all levels, and the instructor will ensure each student is challenged. Parents will receive a written report of their camper’s progress at the end of the session. JCDS 5th grade teacher Dona Kenny will lead this camp.

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Dance Team Boot Camp

Rising 3rd to 6th $300
presented by Hannah Tucker

Ready to join JCDS’ group of performance dancers? Want to brush up on your pirouettes, grand jetes, and battemas before next dance season? Come join the Dance Team boot camp, for both prospective and current members of the dance team. Campers will work through a variety of advanced dance techniques, and have a chance to put a group dance together throughout the week. This program will be led by JCDS Dance Manager, Hannah Tucker.

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