Work at JCDS Summer Camp

Summer Camp hours: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Morning Care: 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Afternoon Care: 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Ready to Join the Summer Camp Team?

Camp Staff applications are open!

You will need to create a log-in to apply (please use your same information if you’ve applied in the past). Summer Staff applications are due by Friday, April 14, 2023. Applications after this date will be considered on a case by case basis, if positions are still available.

For 2023, JCDS will be hiring for Senior Counselors (18 and up), Junior counselors (16 and up), Program staff (16 and up), and CITs as volunteers (14 and up).

Apply Online

If you have questions regarding application, or have trouble applying, please contact Nathan Renstrom at

Why should I work at JCDS Summer Camp?

Working at a summer camp provides a unique opportunity to get "paid to play" all summer long! Camp jobs provide a combination of fun filled, action packed days, the opportunity to build strong relationships with your peers and earn some summer money. It is also a tremendous way to build up your resume for college, or community service hour count for Bright Futures.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our staff say:


“Being able to grow along with my campers feels just as rewarding for me as actually attending (camp) used to feel!”


"JCDS is a great place to gain responsibility, time management, and how to be a team leader."

I have a few questions...

What will I do all day?

A day in the life at summer camp can look different for everyone, and varies day by day and sometimes even hour by hour. Our Counseling team will spend the majority of their day directly supervising campers, leading them from activity to activity. Counselors will also plan in-cabin activities, games, and competitions. We expect all staff to attend each activity block with their cabin, swim with their campers, and be present for all camp wide gatherings, field trips, and events.

Am I by myself with a group? Do I have to entertain them all day?

Not at all! We work hard to make sure each cabin has a team of 3 or more counselors for each camp day. A counselor's’ primary duty is to look out for the safety and enjoyment of our campers. We’ll pair newer staff with experienced counselors and make sure you have plenty of support starting out. Each cabin will also have a schedule for the week which will have a wide variety of activities around campus to attend. There will be cabin and quiet time each day for all campers, which is a great time for counselor-led activities and games. Camp days are packed, so there is plenty to do everyday.

How old do I have to be?

You must be entering 9th grade and at least 14 to be a part of the JCDS Camp Staff.

Who attends camp at JCDS?

Campers at JCDS over the summer come from all over Jacksonville. Some campers even come to us from out-of-state or other countries! Attending school at JCDS is not a requirement to attend camp over the summer. Our camp program begins with those entering Pre-K 4 and goes through campers entering 6th grade.

What about food/breaks/time off?

All camp staff have access to the camp lunch at no cost! This means you just need to arrive ready to work, and we’ll make sure you have a meal and snacks during the day. Our chef prepares a wide variety of hot meals, and offers a vegetarian option daily and salad bar. Counselors can work with their counseling team if they need a short personal break throughout the day. We ask for longer breaks and/or days off (doctor, college visit, etc.) with the camp director well in advance.

What is a CIT? If I wasn’t a CIT can I still be a counselor?

CIT stands for Counselor in Training, and is a great way to earn community service hours and get “a foot in the door” to becoming a camp counselor. CITs will be mentored by older staff and have the chance to ask questions, receive extra training, and try working with different age groups as they learn. It is not a requirement that you were a camper at JCDS to become a CIT. Similarly, you can apply for a counselor position without serving as a CIT.

I’ve applied online. What happens next?

Good Work! Now that you’ve filled out our online application, there are several steps before you join our summer team. The Camp administration will be reviewing applications, checking references and reading through your application answers. This helps us decide who to invite on campus for our interview process. Throughout the spring we will be conducting both group (CIT) and individual phone interviews (counselors & program staff) for summer staff positions. Once we interview candidates we will be sending out decisions on a rolling basis, but all decisions will be made by May 12th. All candidates that have not previously received a background screening through JCDS must be screened before their first day.